Dialer Service


Dialer Service

Inbound call centers usually serve the hottest leads that are at a touching distance from the converting into the sale. Serve them with The InnovateVoice’s perfection to achieve the results that you strived for. Inbound call center solution is designed to seamlessly accommodate with the organizational structure of your business.

No matters the number of agents that are working or the complexities of departmental shape, we present you an immensely flexible call center solutions. Hosted over the cloud, there is no regional or hardware limitation. So, even if the agents are working from different parts of the world, your customers can reach them conveniently.

Programmed with the most advanced dialing algorithms, our predictive dialer considers a number of factors while dialing, such as – number of agents, agent performance, lead connectivity ratio, etc. Acting accordingly to these factors, our Predictive Dialer ensures that all the agents at outbound call centers remain on the call for the maximum time. While our dialer’s smart, automated call routing quickly identifies the best agent available and connects the call to them, while also ensuring minimum wait time.

Benefits of Dialer Service

We offer our clients with free assistance with setup, installation and maintenance of the services, which makes us the prime choice for businesses looking for predictive dialers and unified communication solutions. Apart from that here are a few more benefits of choosing The InnovateVoice.:

  • No hardware restriction
  • No geographical restriction
  • Compatible with third-party software
  • Centralized control and monitoring for admin
  • No setup or activation fees
  • Web form integration